The universities in the UK welcome students from all over the world and there are many students with English as a Secondary Language (ESL). Those ESL students want to improve their English vocabulary so they can learn well. Due to a lack of English writing skills, those students do not get desired grades.

Certainly, it is challenging for ESL students to study and learn while also improve their English. But not anymore; this blog features tips for ESL students to improve English vocabulary on their own without seeking professional help. So, stay tuned and find out the ways to progress in the English language.

Abbreviation of the Term ESL

The term ESL stands for English as a secondary language. It implies to the individuals who have their first language from their native region and has English as a secondary language. Those individuals can be employees, expatriates, or students who are not native English speakers in an English-speaking region.

Why Learn English for ESL Students?

The ESL students need to learn English because teachers or professors deliver lectures in this language. All the international students in the UK, USA, or Australia, need to develop their English reading, writing, and speaking skills so they can learn well. Another reason to improve English vocabulary is to reflect on what they learn and express themselves effectively.

Tips to Improve English Vocabulary for ESL Students

Following are the tips for ESL students to learn English vocabulary. The international students who want to improve their English-speaking skills can also consider the following tips to learn.

Ways to Develop Speaking Skills in Institution

  • Teachers should ask students first to start naming objects in English for a short period.
  • The next step is to ask them to talk to themselves in English, before going to sleep and after getting up.
  • The next step is to ask them to think in English, to speak with fluency. In this way, they will rehearse the sentence before speaking or writing.
  • When students start getting involved in the activity of learning English by this method, they will assuredly become able to improve their vocabulary.

Use of Technology

To improve your speaking skills in English, the students can also record their voices on their smartphones. This will help them to do self-correction when they will listen to it. Also, the students can listen to English-speaking videos and free tutorials to improve their English vocabulary and pronunciation.

Listen to English

Another tip for ESL students is the idea to listen to English speakers. It is not necessary to listen to something related to academics. The students can also listen to English songs and English movies to gain new vocabulary. Although, listening to bulletins is the next suggestion for listening to learn English.

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Pronunciation Learning

The aim of learning English vocabulary is to enhance the language, but it will be boring if the person does not speak with the correct pronunciation. Thus, pronunciation is also necessary along with vocabulary building. To enhance the learning of pronunciation, the individuals can have a conversation with the native English speakers.

Also, they can use their smartphone to do this practice, with the help of Google and online English dictionaries. Individuals can also watch English Movies and English news channels, to make develop their vocabulary.

Utilization of Vocabulary in Daily Life

It is a very significant task to improve vocabulary for ESL students. But learning the individual words is not enough for the students. Hence, they should use those words on daily basis, in their sentences which will help them to remind those words. If one feels shy to speak, they can practice speaking in the mirror.

Practice to Improve

To make your command stronger in English, you need to practice with consistency. You can take 20-30 minutes every day for practice. In this way, you will gain the confidence to speak and communicate in English without any hesitation.

Take the Task of Your Interest in English

You can make your English vocabulary learning interesting. For instance, as an ESL student, you can play games like Hangman and Scrabble in the English language. Also, you can watch movies and songs of your favourite genre in English to make it an interesting learning experience.

Go for Debates

Speaking and debating are two different tasks. Listening or participating in a debate is also a way to improve English vocabulary for ESL students. The reason behind this recommendation is that in debates, the debaters use specific words to portray their ideas explicitly. When students listen to those debates, they will be able to memorize and perceive the usage of vocabulary.

Use of Dictionary

If you do not have many friends to speak to or correct you, make a dictionary your friend. It will not only help you with English vocabulary, meaning and pronunciation but will perform as a self-learning resource. If your mind carrying one, Royal Essay Writers suggest opting for an online dictionary on your smartphone. An online dictionary can also help you with pronunciation by speaking a word.

Synonyms and Antonyms

The study of synonyms and antonyms is another way to improve vocabulary for ESL students. It seems boring when you repeat your words while speaking or writing. It makes your work uninteresting. Hence, along with the usage, pronunciation, and meaning of words, the students can also go through the synonyms and antonyms of a word.

Use of Thesaurus

Apart from dictionaries, one can opt for Thesaurus on the internet to learn the synonyms and antonyms of a word. The students can also take help from it which provides them a list of synonyms and antonyms, along with their meaning and usage.

Vocabulary Trees

The ESL students can also produce vocabulary trees, for their help. For instance, while thinking about the word vaccine, the other words related to it can come to your mind.

Specific Vocabulary

You also require specifications in your method of learning English. If you are a science student, then vocabulary that is being used in business will not be helpful for you. Hence, you need to enlist the specific words that will help you in your academic studies. For instance, there is a different vocabulary for the marketing field in comparison to medical science.

Visual Dictionaries

Nowadays students also have an advanced form of dictionary and that is the visual dictionary. It is not an impossible task to learn a language through pictures because the reversal in the mode of learning often helps children in their learning.


The blog highlighted ways for ESL students to improve English vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking skills. By practicing consistently and making their learning experience interesting, they can learn efficiently. The students must keep a dictionary handy on their phones so they can learn the meaning of a word. All in all, speaking, writing, and listening will help students learn vocabulary and how to use it.

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