If you’re planning to apply for an MBA program, you are probably a young professional with future goals and ambitions. After checking the admission requirements, preparing your essay, and taking the GMAT / GRE and IELTS / TOEFL. What about your resume?

At times, the applicants forget that the resume is like the business card for application managers. After having a look at it, they determine whether the requirements for admission are met or not, they also begin to develop a relationship with the applicant.

A well-written resume is important for MBA candidates, as it allows them to exhibit general skills such as communication, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and leadership. The main reason here is to show what you are capable of; so it’s important to make a good first impression. 

In this blog, we will discuss rules for writing a killer resume for MBA admission that will surely make the best impression of you.

Top 12 Tips to Write A Resume for MBA Admission

1. Write one page summary about yourself

All institutions have different resume rules that you have to check on the website. Some allow one page, while others think two pages are great for young professionals. All pages must be numbered, and if you use two pages, you must use them completely.

2. It should follow a digital format

If you want to print it, be sure to print on high quality paper. If you send it or download it by e-mail, give it a name for easy identification and transmission: “CV + Name + First letter of first name + Target (month + year)”.

3. The model adopted must show the applicant and be user-friendly

There are many templates available on the Internet online (some schools or universities even require applicants to use their own template), so take a realistic approach. Choose a template that you can use to identify yourself, adapt your path and activities and be easily updated.

Above all, a good resume for MBA admission should be simple and easy to read. It must have a reasonable structure, a simple font type and a size suitable for readers over 40 years of age.

4. Highlight the name and contact information at the top page

A CV is fundamentally a sales document where you sell yourself. Like any good salesperson, you promote a product by providing the details. The professional recruiters hiring online essay writers also look for the name and contact information of candidates on the top right page of their resume so the employer can contact them easily. Don’t forget to describe your performance in detail using supporting facts and figures.

5. The format must be used consistently

If you use Institution, Course, and Date in the Education section, use Institution + Course + Date in the Language and IT section and throughout the resume for MBA admission.

6. Include relevant details

It takes less than 10 seconds for recruiters to decide if they want to read your resume or not. Therefore, the details mentioned in your resume can determine your success or failure. Most recruiters do not like to use different font styles and can see errors or inconsistencies immediately. Therefore, if your sentence ends with a full stop, all offers must end with a full stop; if the title is written in capital letters then all of them must be in the uppercase.

7. Highlight your performance, not your responsibilities.

Utilize the blank space by mentioning your job title on the resume for MBA admission. Write the job responsibilities underneath but don’t keep repeating them. Instead, highlight your performance, your resume will look much more impressive when you talk about what you have accomplished in your position.

8. Determine the impacts you had on the companies you worked for

Include information about the impacts you made in the companies you worked for. By what percentage did you increase the turnover? How many people did you lead? Tell them about your duties and let the selection committee know that you are a responsible individual and a leader who can bring a good impact on their company.

9. Share your recent experience

You want to give preference to your most recent experience. Remember, if you want to write a one-page resume, you need to write information in bullet points to make it simple and easy to read. If your recent position is relatively new, highlight the performance of the previous job.

 10. Mention the name of the company and the duration of work

When writing about your previous and current job position, mention the company name along with dates of employment. If you are presently working somewhere, mention it in your resume. The HR managers at the Royal Essay Writers suggest, if you got a promotion in your previous job, list it under the job title. This will give a good impression to the reader.

 11. Include things that distinguish you from others

Mention any rewards, publications, promotions, and professional licenses you received in your resume for MBA admission. Keep in mind that you have limited space, therefore only include impressive details.

 12. Proofread your resume before sending

There should be absolutely no grammatical errors or typos. Don’t rely on spell checker software to find errors; after reading and correcting your resume, ask a friend or a family member to proofread it for you. They may find the mistakes you missed.

We hope you found this article useful to make improvements in your resume for MBA application. Make sure to write the accurate contact information so the employers can reach you. Otherwise, it will make a bad impression of carelessness which can cost you a job interview.