Many students unreasonably believe that essay writing is a simple form of writing without considering a number of important features. However, writing an essay requires serious thoughts and reasoning. We all know the basic method of writing an essay from choosing essay-writing topics, writing introduction, body, and finishing with an amazing conclusion. But is it really that simple? Of course, it’s not. Learning how to write an interesting essay is one of the greatest skills any student can gain during the college years.

Most of the students, however, will make many mistakes before they learn how to write better essays. Due to the fact that not many students are familiar with essay writing and the problems students have with writing. Here we will discuss the common mistakes that can be avoided. So read on as we list down seven common mistakes you need to avoid in your essay writing.

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Essays

  • Including too many topics

Choosing the right essay writing topics is a crucial step. To write an interesting essay, you should choose one topic that is interesting and answers your essay question. If you will include more than one topic in your essay, you will not succeed in writing a good essay. Make sure you stick to the main idea of the essay and go into the depth. Nevertheless, you can highlight an associated topic but keeping the focus on your topic is essential.

  • Writing a tedious introduction

The second common mistake is writing a tedious introduction of an essay. Remember that essays should not be boring to read, particularly the introduction section. If the writer likes long reasoning, without defining the meaning, then it will not be easy for him to write an essay that will interest the reader. There is one way of improving – give it to as many people to read the essay and share their opinion. Importantly, you should write an attractive introduction that makes a reader curious to read the entire essay.

  • Using long complex sentences

If you are using long complex sentences in your essay, you make your essay harder to understand for the reader. An essay must be easy for a reader to comprehend. Using too long or too short sentences can destroy the idea of an essay. Try to maintain a good balance between the two.

  • Verbosity

Do not forget that the essay, like any other written work, must have a certain volume. An essay is not a term paper or a diploma. This is a brief overview of a specific topic. The essay should contain only information essentially following grammar rules, as well as the correct use of verbs and adverbs. Instead of going deep into the topic, you should focus on its features, its impact and other attributes to avoid verbosity.

  • Too many spelling mistakes

Many students tend to forget proofing their essay before submitting. One of the most important essays writing tips is to read it carefully and correct any spelling mistakes that are an essay. Do not forget to re-read your essay one last time before submitting. You might not realise but one or two typos can ruin your essay and make it look unprofessional. A master proofreading tip is to read your essay loudly so you can hear, your senses will detect the grammatical or spelling issue.

  • Plagiarism

Whether intentional or unintentional, plagiarism is never acceptable. You can always rephrase other’s ideas, sayings, and quotes in your own words. Never use anything available on the internet as your sentence. Make sure all the sources, references, and ideas you are using are written by you and not copied. You can paraphrase the paragraphs to avoid plagiarism in your essay.

  • Lack of verification

Due to the fact that students do not take essay writing seriously, many students simply forget to check or don’t want to verify their essay. Naturally, everyone checks for errors in an essay. At the same time, one should pay attention to the format, style, structure of the essay. To avoid this mistake, re-read your essay several times or ask your friends to read it for you and share their feedback.

Avoiding these common mistakes and follow the essay writing tips mentioned above as they will help you achieve a high-quality essay. Because essay writing is a great skill that can excel your grades in academic career while also improves writing in professional career.