Want to get in the realm of blogging? It requires a platform, research skills, and interesting topics to grab the reader’s attention. Before we dispatch the tips on how to write a blog for beginners, know what a blog is.

Blog writing is an approach that helps you engage with your audience and transform information. Some beginners find it intimidating and overwhelming to start blogging because of many reasons. First, there are several expert bloggers. Second, there are millions of blogs already available on the internet.

Remember, while learning how to write a blog for beginners, you would do many mistakes, but it is natural. You always make mistakes when you are new to something.

Since we have your back with the beginner’s blog writing tips, you don’t need to worry. Just read on and try to avoid the mistakes that amateurs make in their first blog.

Tips to write a blog for beginners – Step-by-step guide

STEP 1: Choose Your Blog Topic

The very first step is to choose a unique and interesting topic for your blog.
One of the best tips for beginners to write a blog is to choose a topic you are passionate about. It will keep you engaged and focused on writing. You will also have more ideas and details to write about on your favorite topic.

Tips for choosing a blog topic:

  • Are you an expert in something?
  • Are you passionate about something?
  • Do you want to write something and showcase your good content on the website?

STEP 2: Identify what resonates with your audience

Ensure about your target audience before starting a blog. 

Ask yourself before you start writing a blog. What do your readers want to know? What would resonate with them?

Answers to the above questions would help you craft a good piece to engage readers. If they found your content desirable and relevant to their need, your readership will increase. Remember, readers always want to know what they don’t know earlier. Concisely, something new and informative is what people will love to read.

STEP 3: Go for quality over quantity

The most important tip for beginners is that work on quality over quantity. The quality of the blog is something that beats when you are writing a blog. Good content hone readers towards your blog, it also persuades them to spend their great time on the blog. 

It is not necessary to write daily or weekly blogs that are focused on quantity over quality. When you do things right, it is fine to do it once a month. The writers at Royal Essay Writers also recommend posting a blog once a month. It gives you a whole month to spend on promotion. Moreover, Google welcomes fresh content. It gives a sort of merit to new and noticeable content. 

Another tip for beginners is to evade the crappy articles. The worthless articles would be laid down and Google bans hammer. So, whatever the topic or subject, if you can offer quality and uniqueness in your blog. It will certainly appeal to readers as well as search engines.

STEP 4: Write as you talk

It is an important step for beginners to understand that writing a blog is different from essay writing. Moreover, stiff writing loses the reader’s interest. It is ok to make mistakes when you just started blog writing.
One of the common mistakes that beginners do is that they are not aware of the writing style to use in a blog. For instance, the blog can be influential, detailed, conversational or you can use a storytelling approach. If you are good at any one approach, try to learn other approaches to master the art of blog writing.

Your blog would be admired by the audience when you use a conversational approach in your writing. Remember, the more approachable your writing style is, the more readers would enjoy your post. Contrarily, contractions would lose your writing. Evade the jargon. 

One of the best tips to write a blog for beginners is to keep your blog short and meaningful. Avoid repetition and make sure to use headings so even if a reader skips, he or she might read its favorite part. Make sure that you have showcase something interesting to grasp their attention.

STEP 5: Show your personality; don’t tell it

Beginners need to know that when you just start blogging, no one is interested in your blogs. Readers love to read when you teach them. 

Another good tip from expert bloggers is to infuse your personality without eclipsing the topic. This way your readers would get comfortable with you. When you are writing a blog, it depends on you how you persuade your readers. Provide vivid descriptions. 

To infuse personality into your writing, try looking for ways to relate to your readers on the topic you’re writing about. You can also write in the first person as if you’re hanging out with them and chatting about it. Make your tone personal, approachable, and engaging, just like you would in a face-to-face conversation.


Beginners must know that they do not need any revolutionary idea, all they need to know is that the blog must be unique and informational. Remember, your blog would not be admired by the audience until it is truly unique. Beginners must have a distinct voice and a way to convey the intent of the blog.

Moreover, it is an online presence that attracts leads. Blog posts drive traffic to your website if they are worthy to capture the reader’s attention. Get personal with the readers and infuse your personality to enhance readership