Have you ever wondered why it is important to proofread essay before submitting it. You might have been in a rush to submit your work without proofreading and later find yourself in trouble. Warning! Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time, because you must pass the last revision step, that of proofreading an essay!

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the final step of checking a document before printing, presenting or distributing it. This final step ensures to eliminate spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and grammatical errors that are left behind during the linguistic revision of the text or added during the layout process. A single typo can sometimes destroy the hard work of the entire paper. Therefore, you should know how to proofread your essay.

A Quick Checklist to Proofread Essay

You don’t need to ask for proofread my essay with our simple do it yourself (DIY) guide. So, read on the 10 important elements on the essay proofreading checklist to proofread an essay that can boost your scores.

1. The text: Read the document to ensure the quality of the language (syntax, grammar, spelling);

2. Titles, headers, and footers: Pay particular attention to these three elements, as shells often slip into them;

3. Table of contents: Compare all headings in the table of contents with those in the text to make sure they are written in the same way and that they refer to the right pages;

4. The order of presentation: Check the different parts of the document while you proofread essay, so that they respect a certain order of presentation (e.g.: front and back cover, cover page, acknowledgments, table of contents, introduction, development, conclusion, appendices, bibliography, third and fourth cover);

5. The hierarchy of titles and headings: During editing, certain attributes (e.g.: font size, bold, italic, capital letters or lowercase letters, etc.) were used so that the reader understands, at first glance, hierarchy. Make sure it is well respected throughout the document;

6. Widows and orphans: Look at the different pages of the document overall to identify widows and orphans, that is, whole or cut words that are alone at the top or bottom of a document. column or page;

7. The paging: Take a good look at the pagination in Roman numerals of the introductory pages (e.g.: summary, table of contents, list of tables and figures, thanks, foreword, etc.), as well as the pagination in Arabic numerals of the document so to make sure there are no errors;

8. Clipping words: In a neat text, even if it is necessary to avoid as much as possible the cuts of words at the end of the line, they are sometimes crucial. Make sure you proofread essay in accordance with the rules;

9. Uniformity in the presentation

  • Text (justification, fonts and font sizes, line spacing)
  • Enumerations;
  • Quotes;
  • Captions (and make sure they match the photos or figures!);
  • Footnotes

10. Spacing: Search for extra spaces and insert fine, non-breaking spaces where appropriate.

You have probably noticed that proofreading is a very meticulous job! For a proofreader, it is an essential asset. Many students approach Royal Essay Writers for proofreading service because of our expertise. With these 10 steps, you can proofread essay without asking for any proofreading essay service.

How many times to proofread essay?

Contrary to what some may think, a single reading cannot suffice. Some will do up to five to six readings, depending on the importance of the document or text published. Do you find it exaggerating? Think again! Revision times are often tight, but it opens the door to errors that are not always easy to spot.

More Tips for Editing and Proofreading Essay

  • Decide which tool to use to proofread the essay. Some people prefer to work directly on a computer, while others prefer to sit on a printed copy that they can mark while reading.
  • If you change the size, spacing, color or style of your text, your brain may think it is an unknown document and help you see what you are writing differently.
  • Look for a quiet place to work. Do not review the essay while you are distracted. Look for a place where you can concentrate and avoid distractions.
  • If possible, edit and proofread essay quickly. If you try to read all the text at the same time, your attention may begin to lose.

If you do not have the time, you can determine the priority. Be sure to complete the most important editing and proofreading tasks on time. In an urgency, you can ask our team to write my essay and we can do it with expertise including the free editing and proofreading service.