A synthesis essay is a paper that combines ideas from different sources on any idea, topic, or theme. In a synthesis essay, you provide a written discussion including separate points together. Synthesis essay writing requires the ability to understand information and present it in an organized manner. This is a skill developed in school and college times, it can be used in the professional and advertising world as well. However, writing a synthesis essay entails numerous challenges as it not only summarizes the ideas but also creates links between the information.

  • Used in the research literature to study theory
  • Combining research work from different sources
  • The argument is written must be consistent with the objections and supports the systematic presentation

Before writing a synthesis paper, the writer should spend some time brainstorming and gathering information from all sources related to the topic. Don’t rephrase the significant points, instead collect ideas to write a clear message to the readers. The writers must think creatively and find alternatives for specific tasks. For that, the writer is supposed to brainstorm new ideas.

Types of Synthesis Essay

The types can be divided into the following categories

Argumentative synthesis essay: This essay reflects the views and opinions of the author. It reasonably organizes the relevant information gathered from various studies to support the paper. Students use such papers to write AP tests.

Review essay: This essay describes discussions on the previous subject and a critical analysis of the source. This indicates that in-depth research should be conducted or that the problems in this section are not fully described. The synthesis essay writing is mainly written in the field of medicine and social sciences.

Explanatory synthesis essay. This type of essay allows the readers to understand it by breaking down the facts and presenting them to the readers. It does not describe the specific opinions. They are used in commercial white papers for businesses.

10 Tips for Synthesis Essay Writing

  1. Find the purpose you want to discuss and write the argument. Include arguments, facts, and ideas that you can validate with evidence.
  2. Collect your resources and understand them. Discuss it in your briefing and provide arguments in support of it. Do not write any information without evaluation and authorization from relevant sources. This will confuse the public and make the information look fake. There must be an order in your document.
  3. Design an organized plan. Provide multiple sources for each point to improve the accuracy of the information. Evaluate the ways you can best support your arguments, and then logically link it to that argument.
  4. Evaluate and explain each source to prove that the link between the paper and you is reasonable.
  5. Pay attention to the author’s information and page number to list the resources on the linked page to avoid plagiarism.
  6. To convince and appeal to the readers, you must understand them. Use tones that they can directly relate to. The main purpose of synthesis essay writing is to introduce the subject to the readers. You must use convincing language to convince the audience.
  7. Use a good tone throughout the essay. The word you choose depends on your readers. Your language should not be misunderstood by the public. Use simple language to make the content easy to understand.
  8. Choose a title that appeals to readers. Use descriptive words for this. Create suspense and convince the readers to find the answers in the paper.
  9. Your synthesis essay writing must have a dialogue to support the thesis. Different sources put forward the same ideas in different ways. The writer must know how to compare and draw conclusions.
  10. Choose legal sources to persuade readers. Using reliable sources can make your information reliable.

Guide to Synthesis Essay Writing for Novice Writers

Every synthesis essay has a different structure, depends on the topic. To write a well-written essay, you should follow these synthesis essay writing tips:

  1. Understand the concept: The main purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to establish a connection between small parts of a work. The goal is to present and support evidence on this issue. One of the best tips contributed by Royal Essay Writers is to do in-depth research on the topic before writing.
  2. Choose a suitable topic: Choose a broad topic that can be discussed with various sources. You can choose any topic. But do your research before starting. Fully understand assigned topics and carefully record your observations.
  3. Sources: The writer must have at least three sources to be included in the essay. Analyze all sources related to your topic. Write down the main points in the document and keep track of your thoughts and ideas.
  4. Write a thesis statement: After completing all the research and carefully reading the source code, make a decision. Ideas and ideas should be presented at the briefing. A statement on paper can be written at the beginning or end of an article.
  5. Evaluate your material: Support the facts, figures, ideas, statistics shared in support of your thesis argument.

If you don’t support any idea, you must have valid evidence to reject it. This is called a rebuttal or concession.


We’re hoping by now you’ve understood how to write a synthesis essay. With the help of these synthesis essay writing tips, you can write a winning synthesis paper that will impress your professor. If you need assistance from professional essay writers, you can get in touch with our experts on live chat.