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Have a look at our customer centric terms and conditions that makes us possible to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction for our clients.


Favourable Terms of Service

The conditions that we abide by to deliver reliable service


Flexible Revision Policy

With free revision policy, we offer free revisions to ensure satisfaction


Trusted Refund Policy

Ensuring full refund in a case of client dissatisfaction

Our Customer-Focused Terms & Conditions

The general terms of service apply to all the transactions with the customers of Royal Essay Writers, The terms of services are acknowledged by the customer, hereinafter referred to as the client, after placing the order and are valid for the entire duration of the work delivery. They also apply to future business.


Operational Conditions

Our website is an online academic agency where you can find qualified and experienced writers who can offer high-quality articles, essays, assignments, and other writing services. As a huge platform, we guarantee that our writers provide the best service to the clients. On our website, clients can find specialist writers with the relevant skills they need for their work, meet budgets, meet deadlines, and meet other requirements, such as original content.

The customer can place an order according to the order processing of a specific task that the writer will perform. When the writer accepts these conditions to complete the work, he/she is responsible for completing the work and ensuring quality for the agreed period.

When placing order on our website, enter a valid email address/phone number where we can contact you. Sometimes, our expert essay writers ask for more information to accurately follow your instructions so that you get a high quality essay free from errors. You can also communicate with the writer at any stage for additional instructions (except paid adjustments like wordcount increase). Entering an incorrect email address is considered as a violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The writer specialising in the field specified in the assignment contacts the customer. Customers can chat with the writers through a messaging system or ask to talk to the writers at any given time. The writer will be responsible for obtaining the details of the work. As soon as the order is accepted, the client will pay the agreed amount on our website.

We have employed a messaging system as a medium of communication between writer and customer. Check your message regularly and use this interactive feature to troubleshoot problems, queries, or other instructions in a timely manner. No customer is allowed to disclose their personal information to any writer and ask them to work for them directly without using our website.

When a client places an order, he can ask for the progress of the task any time from our support team. Besides, he/she can also assist the writer in the case of custom essays for desired instructions.



With regard to the deadline for the delivery of the work on time, the mutually agreed declarations shall prevail. If the delivery date is an important part of the order accepted by the writer, the client must explicitly inform this to the writer in advance.

To meet the delivery time, the customer must provide all the details in accordance with the specified amount (for example, the source text and all necessary basic information) and respect the agreed payment terms. If these conditions are not met on time, the delivery time will be extended accordingly.

Non-compliance with the delivery time gives the customer the right to terminate the contract only if the delivery date has been clearly agreed and the writer fails to comply with the agreed terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery must be in accordance with the delivery method, whereby the confirmation message is received from abc. The risks associated with delivery (transfer) are the responsibility of the customer.

Customers can request revisions if they feel the document does not meet the specifications provided by them. The funds release by the client is considered as an execution of a task to gain the satisfaction of the customer.



Abc calculates the revision fee after completion. Customers receive an invoice via email or post. The invoice must be paid within ten days of receipt. The writer has the right to request reasonable advance payment in case there are additional requirements, which were not specified while submitting the assignment. Private and foreign customers are required to pay the full amount in advance.

If the terms of payment agreed between the client and the writer are not fulfilled, the writer has the right to stop the work of the order placed until the customer fulfils his payment obligations. This also applies to orders agreed with a fixed delivery period. As part of the termination of work, the client has no legal rights.



The writers are obliged to keep everything confidential. It ensures customers that their personal information is safe and secure. If the revisions are not made by the same writer, but by an independent writer he/she is obliged to keep it confidential. The writer cannot be held liable for the failure to comply with the obligations, except in the case of negligence from the end of the writer. Unfortunately, 100% confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, mainly due to the electronic communication between the customer and the customer (e-mail). Nevertheless, we guarantee confidentiality from our end for your papers, personal info and university credentials.


Discuss T&C with us

Any queries or comments related to our Terms and Conditions should be reported to us on our website and feel free to share information about your issue.

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