When you apply for a job, you need to write a cover letter as it can be a good addition to your CV. Its purpose is to explain why you are the best candidate and what you have to offer to the employer. Writing a cover letter is intended to be invited for a job. This is why it is important to know how a cover letter for employment is written. For recruiters, the cover letter is more important than the resume, especially when you send your resume by email, the cover letter is the first thing a company sees about you. Do you wonder if it’s worth writing a cover letter? The answer is yes!

In this article, you can read about how to write a cover letter for a job and the tips and tricks to help you write it.

How Do You Write A Good Cover Letter That Guarantees Interview Call?

A good cover letter depends a lot on the job you are applying for and who will read your letter. Therefore, it is important not to send the same application to several companies. With the help of a powerful cover letter, you can prove that you have read correctly and that you all the qualities that are important and motivating for your job.

A well-written cover letter shows that you are serious and ethical. This is what sets you apart from other candidates. It is best to create a simple application that can be easily modified so that you can highlight the key skills, experience, and motivation for the job. When you write a cover letter, you can also adjust your writing style and cover letter format when contacting a company.

Cover Letter Structure

A good cover letter comprises of four sections. Focus on the following:

  1. Opening sentence
  2. Motivation
  3. Sell yourself
  4. Closing

1. Opening sentence

In the opening sentence of the letter, you have to explain why you sent this cover letter; how did you find the vacancy and why did you fill it? When you write a cover letter, write an opening sentence that explains which position you are applying for. Write one line why you are suitable for the position and you can even mention the telephonic conversation if you had any.


“I see that you are looking for an accounts manager at for your hotel; I’m here!”

“I read your job post with great interest, where you are looking for an enthusiastic maintenance engineer. I’m right here.”

2. Motivation:

Describe why you are an asset to the company and why you want to work in an organization. Show clearly what you can offer to the company. This means that you understand what the company is looking for among employees and fill this gap with your skills and knowledge. In addition to what is on your CV, new information is also stated. So, try to be as passionate as possible when you write a cover letter.


“I’m looking forward to meeting you in the interview.”

“I firmly believe that I will add value to your company, therefore I’d like to give an interview.”

3. Sell yourself

When writing a cover letter for a job, tell the company why you are suitable for the position you are applying for. What can you offer them? Enter your skills and personal characteristics and convince employers with practical examples.

What experience and (professional) skills can you use in this position? Link to your education, work experience or market knowledge. However, only content that is particularly suitable for this function is mentioned. Also, state your success when you write a cover letter. But, don’t overdo it.


“In my last job, I was a team leader who managed a team of eight people. This position fits me perfectly because I know how to combine my professional expertise with my skills.”

4. Closing

It’s best to keep your application letter brief and to draw formal conclusions quickly. Write down what you may think your qualities are. It is important to indicate that you would like to be invited to a personal interview to explain your letter and CV. Use active language “I want to introduce myself in a formal interview” rather than passive language “I hope I can attend an interview”.


“In a personal conversation with you, I want to develop my motivation and what I can do for your company.”

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Is your cover letter ready? To be sure, check our list to make sure everything is correct.

1. Don’t write lengthy stories: A cover letter should not be more than one page.

2. Make sure your writing style matches the business: Read the job description and write accordingly. If it is a business, please keep a letter of application. Is your tone informal?

3. Font style and font-size: Keep 12 font sizes and Arial or Calibri font.

4. Request by e-mail? Send a request letter in PDF format. So it looks the same in every program.

5. Paragraphs: Remember to fill the blank lines in the letter. This makes the letter clear for recruiters to read.

6. Be enthusiastic: Don’t write the full story in your cover letter: “I want a job because I need it.” Talk positively about yourself. Let your passion speak.

Employee Cover Letter Sample

Hello, Sandra.

My name is Margaret Ivan. I had recently gone through an advertisement by your company for website designer position. I would like to work at ABCD Company as a website designer. My experience in designing is about 3 years (the last 2 years I have been developing websites). I believe that in this position I can be useful with the following abilities:

  • Excellent technical specialists (detailed in the summary).
  • Balanced. I can write programs uniformly and develop technical documentation.
  • Powerful analytical skills. In practice, this is reflected in the initial high-quality program design, clear action plans and a small number of errors in the work.

The interest of my company “ABCD” is associated with the positive reviews of my friends. I also like the website design created by your company. I’m interested in the company “ABCD” after reading the positive feedback. 

Please read my resume. The summary is attached, and also is on  http://hh.ru/xxxxxxxxx/


Margaret Ivan


(000) 123-45-67

Practice Writing a Cover Letter for a Job

To practice writing a good cover letter and CV, you can check other people’s cover letter sample and CVs. If you read others’ letters carefully, you can count on your own letter. There are many examples of cover letters and CVs available online to improve your writing skills. Hopefully, this article has helped you write a good cover letter for your job application. If you are looking for more writing tips and hacks, tune in to the blog section of Royal Essay Writers or ask our support team to help you with your writing tasks.