If you are wondering about how to write a discursive essay? This blog is all about the tips and tricks for the best discursive essay writing. The discursive essay is the genre of academic paper that requires presenting your views for and against a topic in a balanced manner. In this type of essay, the author joins the conversation on any situation, event, or issue to demonstrate their opinion. The purpose of a discursive essay is to propose relevant arguments to prove or disprove statements on a topic.

Students get trapped when they are asked to write a discursive essay. They find difficulty distinguishing between an argumentative essay and a discursive essay. However, both possess some same similarities but there are also differences. One of the main differences between the two is that the discursive essay follows a neutral approach. On the other hand, an argumentative essay does not need to pursue a balanced discussion. While you can choose controversial topics for both essays, discursive essay writing requires you to present a counterpoint for every paragraph.

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Proven Discursive Essay Writing Tips To Get Started

  1. Choose a Topic

One of the main advantages of a discursive essay is that it can be written on any controversial topic. The best way to select a topic is to choose one for which you can write rigorous arguments in a balanced approach. You also need to make sure that the topic appeals to readers and that it is a prevalent issue. For such a topic, it will be challenging to justify with counter-arguments.

  1. Write an Outline

The format of the discursive essay is similar to other academic essays. It consists of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. All the parts of the discursive essay writing follow the same rules. These parts are:

· Introduction: The introduction part is the main and starting part of the essay. It is the first impression of your work to the readers. This must contain effective and eye-catching content to amuse the readers. A thesis statement in the introduction will clearly define the topic of the paper.

· Body: This part comprises the thesis statement to be discussed and to describe and provide evidence on the arguments to support them logically. The body of the discursive essay expands the thesis statement where each paragraph proves or disproves the statement.

· Conclusion: This is the final step of discursive essay writing. It requires the writer to share his ideas and to precisely announce the findings of the topic.

  1. Present 3-5 Main Ideas in Body

Based on the arguments, you can have the power to agree or disagree with the statements mentioned in your respective topic. One of the best tips to write discursive essay is to make sure to elaborate on the topic with utmost enthusiasm and with a free state of mind. In addition to that, having three-plus agreements and disagreements will strengthen your essay. Each of the argument or counter-argument need be represented in a different paragraph.

  1. Write the Draft of Your Essay

To write a profound discursive essay, it is beneficial to have positive as well as negative arguments. To achieve this goal, the main structure should be followed to make readers aware of your skills.

Additional tip: you can utilize the ideas and thoughts of well-known professionals rather than following your limited arguments. For example, using primary and secondary references can enhance your words into a more profound write up.

  1. Make a Conclusion

The last statement must be exceptional and commendable. When you finish writing a discursive essay, portray your ideas to conclude the essay, and convey your true feelings regarding the topic. Without adding anything new, you need to reiterate the arguments that you made in your body section. The conclusion of your discursive essay will only be great if you had made coherent arguments beforehand.

  1. Proofread Your Essay

Your discursive essay writing is not finished here. The thrilling feeling and excitement about writing make us forget to analyse our mistakes or errors. Make sure to read and proofread your essay multiple times to make it perfect. Correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors before you submit your paper.

Though the length of a discursive essay paper seems small, it is not a piece of cake. It is rather a challenging task that requires an attentive mindset to follow a neutral approach with relevant opinions.

Once finished, do not forget to finalize your bibliography section. Here you will add all the references that you have used to back your arguments in the body section. The references will contribute to the value of your discussion, else it will look vague.

Style of the discursive essay

While writing a discursive essay one should be very attentive to the particular style of discursive essay. It is more likely to be formal and impersonal as compared to other types of assignments. According to the professional assignment writers each argument of the essay must be discussed thoroughly in a single paragraph with logical arguments. There should be harmony with one point and counterpoint paragraphs and one should follow another with a sequence.

Analysing the type of discursive Essay

It is crucial to review all the aspects and viewpoints of discursive essays. Mainly there are three types of discursive essay. An opinion essay that demands the author’s own opinion on a particular issue stated precisely in the introduction. Another type includes for and against which engages the readers in a debate with multiple points of views on the topic. The third type is about suggesting a solution to a proposed problem in the essay. In this type, the main body encompasses suggestions and solutions to that particular problem.

Final words

Discursive essay writing ideas includes introducing each idea in a separate paragraph. Each of the discursive essay paragraphs must be well-developed to appeal to the readers. You must provide the reason and also write examples to support your argument. The arrangement of paragraphs should be systematic where each paragraph proves or disproves your thesis. Also, ensure to mention the sources from where you have extracted the data and use citations in your essay. We hope all the above mentioned discursive essay writing tips will help you compose a good essay paper.

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